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Meet Geoffrey!

I am Geoffrey Kiggundu. I was born in Uganda. Currently, I live and work in Canada. I have a great passion for reading and writing. In fact, I realized early in my life that I could both imagine and write stories. I believe that reading a book is a great way for anyone to enjoy quiet time. My mission is therefore to write stories that my readers can enjoy during their free time.

Why I write

 I have many stories to tell and I find that the only way to reach a large audience is to write those stories. The other reason is, I want to entertain my readers by writing stories in which they immerse themselves, thereby getting the chance to be elsewhere. 

Writing routine

 I ensure to write for at least one hour five days a week. I take my writing as seriously as one would take a doctor’s appointment. I know that without discipline, I cannot succeed in my writing project. Therefore, I sit at my computer or open my notebook to write, even when I feel I’m not inspired.