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Meet Geoffrey!

I am Geoffrey Kiggundu. I was born in Uganda. I studied and taught French in Makerere University before I emigrated to Canada where I currently live and work. I have a great passion for reading and writing. In fact, I realized early in my life that I could both imagine and write stories. I believe that reading a book is a great way for anyone to enjoy quiet time. My mission is therefore to write stories that my readers can enjoy during their free time.

Why I Write


I have many stories to tell and I find that the only way to reach a large audience is to write those stories. The other reason is, I want to entertain my readers by writing stories in which they immerse themselves, thereby getting the chance to be elsewhere.

Writing Routine


I ensure to write for at least one hour five days a week. I take my writing as seriously as one would take a doctor’s appointment. I know that without discipline, I cannot succeed in my writing project. Therefore, I sit at my computer or open my notebook to write, even when I feel I’m not inspired.



Life is a story. I develop my stories by recalling situations I have lived through, situations that others have lived through, observing and listening to people, things I have heard about over the years, but also, situations that I just imagine.

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Merab and Ruth have retired, and both businesses are failing without them. Leah wants Merab’sbrestaurant to stay open, but it is losing money and she is not equipped to save it. Although Ruth’sbhome furnishings boutique is still profitable, its performance is declining, and Herbert is not interested in running it.

The matriarchs’ granddaughters, Babirye, Nakato, and Hellen, have their own busy careers and family responsibilities but decide they need to step in to save the family’s businesses and protect the family’s wealth. The granddaughters have still more serious problems to solve when a wave of shocking discoveries threatens to break the family apart. Will they be able to save the family from disintegrating?

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The tale begins in Uganda in 1945, when fifteen-year-old Merab Nantamu discovers she’s about to be married off to an older rural farmer. But Merab is as courageous as she is resourceful. Sixteen years later she has enrolled her child in an excellent school, moved herself and her husband to the city, and is the owner of a popular restaurant.

Ruth Wamala is a bright and diligent student. After qualifying as a teacher and spending years in England to further her education, she fights to make a career first in the civil service and then later as a business owner and entrepreneur, all while balancing the demands of family and home.
Although from radically different backgrounds, both young women are determined to use their best talents in a male-dominated society that values women only in their roles as wives, mothers, and daughters. When their paths cross, each opposes what the other stands for until they have to fight a common enemy—and help change traditional Ugandan society, each one in her own way.

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Born and raised in Kasaka to poor, semi-literate parents, Makula Musoke grasps all opportunities available to him to leave his birthplace, a little-known village in Uganda, to pursue education in the capital city. Having been told from a young age that he is the “hope” of the village, Makula dreams of developing his birthplace into an economically thriving centre. After earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, he succeeds in both marketing and farming. Circumstances later force him to emigrate to Canada, where, after a period of struggle, he becomes vice president of a successful real estate company in Toronto, Ontario. A decade later, however, Makula faces economic hardship that makes him long to return to Kasaka and to his original dream … to achieve his mission of developing the village of his birth.

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